The terms and conditions can be summed up in these five points:

  1. You, the website author, own the content and copyright.
  2. We, Gibdon Moon Productions (GMP), are your publisher.
  3. We may charge for creates/updates (but never deletes) in the future.
  4. We will not service requests that do not meet our quality requirements.
  5. We comply with US laws and regulations, including DMCA takedowns.

Quality Requirements

  1. Content must be unique.
  2. No pornographic or illegal material.
  3. Content must fill at least five webpages*.
  4. Content must not require future chronological additions.
  5. Content must have a distinct, recognizable point; no pundits.

* Webpage Definition

A webpage must be any one of the following but may be any combination of:

  1. Five fullsize pictures
  2. Four audio clips with descriptions
  3. Three paragraphs of text
  4. Two bullet lists of five items each
  5. One full length video

We're not looking for particularly big websites but they must serve a real purpose. If your idea does not fit, we will explain to you why.


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